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JDB Capital Partners assists companies in raising capital to fund a variety of uses including growth, acquisitions, shareholder liquidity and recapitalizations. Our capabilities encompass the entire capital structure. Our corporate philosophy is identifying and sourcing value-added capital.
Within the institutional capital markets, we maintain relationships with a broad range of private equity firms and institutional investors including leveraged-buyout funds, mezzanine funds, commercial finance companies and commercial banks.  We ssource institutions where the principals possess significant industry experience, relationships and/or complementary portfolio companies which could assist our clients in meeting their objectives and ultimately increase enterprise value.
Capital Raising Types
Senior Debt - $5 million to $100+ million
Mezzanine - $5 million to $50+ million
Equity - $5 million to $50+ million
Capital Raising Purposes
            Working capital for organic growth
            Strategic growth
            Shareholder liquidity
            Leveraged or management buyouts
Potential Benefits of Strategic Capital
            Access to product or service line expansion
            Geographic expansion
            Procurement of new sales or distribution channels
            Access to new technology or technology sharing
            Supply-chain or purchasing efficiencies